Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lies and More Lies

The Lord detests lying lips but delights in those who are trustworthy.  Proverbs 12:22

This morning,  I woke up thinking about deception, half truths and hidden facts. Maybe it was the unfolding Ryan Lochte situation, the political lies about emails and Benghazi, maybe it was thinking about times that I have twisted a story to fit what I wanted people to believe, maybe it was thinking about friends who found out hidden truths years and decades after a situation. 

Truth always comes out.  As I have been thinking about this in my life and in my friends' lives, I have realized that lies create a vacuum.  Hidden facts, twisted stories and deception create an unevenness in relationships and a hollowness behind a facade of normalcy.  Eventually, the facade crumbles, the hole is exposed and the disconnect is  discovered.  

When I have allowed deception to grow in my life,  I hide my sin behind concern for others' feelings and a desire to not face conflict.  I find a desire to blame others, and to highlight their imperfections rather than acknowledge mine.  The well known story of David and Bathsheba in 2 Samuel 11 highlights this process. David's dishonesty led to Bathsheba's pregnancy and his desire to hide his unfaithfulness led to the mighty warrior Uriah, her husband's death. Though David tried to hide the truth in this situation, a short time later truth was revealed by God to the prophet Nathan. Though David repented, David's lies and deception had long term consequences in his relationship with his children including his son Absalom, his  military leaders and his kingdom. 

Recently, I have been struck by the timing of when God reveals truth. For King David and Ryan Lochte, the truth came out rather quickly. But sometimes truth takes years to be revealed. A retired minister's wife found out that her husband had been unfaithful multiple times during their forty year marriage only after he retired due to a stroke. A friend found out she had a half sister long after their father died.  Another friend found out her "godly" husband had been living a double life for two years.  I have recently been struck by the Book of Jude and the blatantness of people who come into the church with the intention to deceive and manipulate God's people.  In some of these situations  learning the truth had been decades in the making. Why had God waited?  Why had God not revealed the truth to my friends at the time?  God is truth and all knowing- Why does He allow the deception to continue?

As a believer in Christ, I hold fast to his statement, that Jesus is the "way, the truth and the life."  He will protect me from lies and give me discernment in situations that allow me to see the truth even when there is deception going on. It is important that I don't let myself be deceived, I need to be on guard and seek Truth.  The closer I get to him, the more peace I can rest in that He will protect me and take care of me.  

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Isaiah 26:3

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