Monday, August 17, 2009

Let Me See His Face.

I am excited to share with you a miracle that happened to me several of days ago. In 2007, I started writing a bible study on King Hezekiah and later, I was able to lead the study at my church. I've recently felt like it was time to start exploring having it published. I’ve been reading books about publishing, studying publishing websites and praying about what to do next. When my friend Cathy asked me to go to “Deeper Still,” a Beth Moore and Kay Arthur conference, I thought that it would be a good opportunity to learn from two ladies who had both published many Bible studies.

The morning of the conference, I debated with myself whether or not I should bring a copy of my book proposal. “What business did I have bringing a book proposal to a Bible conference? This wasn’t a writer’s conference- it was 11,000 women who had come to hear God’s Word.” Yet after praying I still felt I should bring my proposal, so I carried my conference materials and book proposal into the arena thinking, “Maybe we would sit by someone who I was supposed to give it to.” I couldn’t figure out why I felt that I should bring it- but I didn’t want to miss out on God’s blessing if there was someone for me to give it to.

The first speaker of the day was Priscilla Shrirer. She mentioned that her editor was a “gem within a gem.” I thought to myself, “Hmm - I should probably write down his name”- but I wasn’t taking notes and figured if I was supposed to remember his name I would. The second speaker of the day was Beth Moore and she also mentioned what a blessing her editor was and that he was in the arena which was very unusual for him. This time I wrote down his name and started wondering if I should give him my book proposal and I how I could find him.

After Beth finished speaking, we had a 30 minute bathroom break and I sat there for a few minutes praying about my book proposal. I finally worked up the nerve to leave my seat and make my way on to the floor of the arena. There were hundreds of people sitting on the floor and milling around. I walked around the stage and headed toward the area where I thought the Life Way staff would be standing. There were reserved seats all around me and I felt as if everyone was watching me. I finally reached the section of the arena where the all Life Way staffers were standing and a menacing row of Show Pros, who looked like former pro wrestlers, were lined up to keep groupies away from the celebrities. I stopped before I got to them and I turned around to head back to my seat. I decided that I would just mail him my book proposal.

“God,” I prayed, “I walked all the way down here across the arena floor but I can’t walk up to all of these people and ask all of them if they know Dale McCleskey. I have reached the limit of what I can do. I am sorry that I can’t do any more.” Once I was in my seat I continued praying, “God, I did all I could. I brought the proposal, I went down on the arena floor, but I am just not bold enough to start talking with all those people. I am sorry for my weakness. If you want me to give him my proposal, please show me his face. If you show me his face, I will find him and give him my proposal”

I finished praying and the final Question and Answer session started. All three speakers were up on stage. They were talking about things like marriage, children and families. In the middle of the discussion, Beth Moore said, “We’ve talked a lot about our editor Dale McCleskey. Dale, come on out so that everyone can see you.” Dale’s face was on all four sides of the Jumbotron, 24 feet high and 32 feet wide and on each of the 200 flat screen TVs in the arena. “Okay God, I said, “I’ll give him my book proposal.”

At the end of the Q&A session, my friend Cathy and I walked around the arena concourse and down the arena steps until we were directly over the tunnel that Dale was standing in. I leaned over the balcony and asked the two Lifeway girls below if Dale McCleskey was there and handed them my book proposal. They handed the proposal to Dale and he came out to speak with me. Though the music was loud, I explained to him that I was a writer and that this was a book proposal for a Bible study on Hezekiah. I had prayed that if I was supposed to give it to him I would see his face, when I saw his face on the Jumbotron I knew that I was supposed to give my book proposal to him. I asked him to pray about it and he said that he would.

As we left the arena- I was in awe. My means and abilities are so limited, yet God’s ways and means are unlimited. In a room of 11,000 people, God took the time to answer my prayer and showed me one person’s face on a Jumbotron.