Monday, February 1, 2016

Do you blog?

Do you blog?  This is a simple question that should have be a simple answer. I tell people that I am a writer and yet I must confess I am afraid of blogging. I told my friend Shelia, who asked me this last week, that I was afraid. Afraid of mean people who spew vitriol and afraid of being misunderstood. Afraid I wouldn't be consistent. Afraid that I couldn't keep the word count to 700 words- I write books for a reason.  I knew my fears were keeping me from the next step but they were stronger and inertia was easier. 

God has been gently working on my inertia and resistance. Last week, our minister talked about applying the stories from the Bible to our personal story and told the story of Joshua who was willing to, "go where the giants were."  If God has called me to do something - no matter the huge challenges ahead of me-God has equipped me and his grace is sufficient for me.  If I, like the Israelites, let fear for my kids or myself keep me from obedience, I could be unintentionally be putting them in a position that could have a lifetime of consequences versus a lifetime of victory and rest in the land God has already given us. 

This week my fear of what people might say was mirrored in a conversation my son had with his keeper coach. Last weekend he played in a mini tournament where each team took innumerable shots on goal. Since the entire field was less than the size of two goal boxes, the shots came fast and hard.  Pressure from mistakes, as well as hateful, offensive slurs that were shouted at him and his choice to respond negatively resulted in his getting a yellow card penalty.  

I was at a loss to know how to handle this situation so I asked his keeper coach for advice. He met with us after a wintery evening practice and encouraged my son with work he could be good. Then he shared with us situations where people made hateful, offensive and racist comments.  He talked about times when drunken college guys stood behind him in goal and shouted at him.  After sharing these stories, he asked my son, "What do you think was the best way for me to respond?"  Answers like, "Keep your cool and stay calm" were given but it was obvious he was fishing for more.  He finally said the answer, "Make the next save."  The keeper has to do his job regardless of the mean people around him. 

After listening to his wisdom, I realized that in my desire to avoid mean people I had decided to step out of the goal box. Logically it makes sense, if you don't want people taking shots at you then don't stand in goal.  But just as it not good for a keeper to walk off the field when an offensive person is coming at them, I am not doing what God has called me to do if I am not writing because I am afraid of attacks and what people might say about me. God will bless us when we do what he says even when people are mean.  Matthew 5:11 promises "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.   So here is my first blog of 2016, I pray it inspires you to step into the land he has called you, because he is greater than any giant and anything you fear. 

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  1. Wow- this is the first of many wonderful bloggings!
    Nicely done!