Saturday, July 23, 2016

More Than a Feeling

“The steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way” Psalm 37:23

Sometimes an impulse is more than just a feeling. Several weeks ago while driving in my neighborhood I spotted two rocking chairs by the side of the road. On an impulse, I decided that I wanted those chairs.  Since I didn't have the truck, I coerced my teenage son Chris to help me figure out a way to get them home.  He came up with the ingenious plan of loading them onto skate boards and wheeling them home.  I am sure we looked a little funny rolling the rocking chairs on skateboards down the long hill to our street.

Soon after picking up the chairs, a neighbor I didn’t know pulled up in her SUV and offered to give us a ride home.  I was a little embarrassed about loading a dirty decrepit rocking chair in the car of someone I didn't even know. Swallowing my pride, I introduced myself and thanked her for her kindness as she took me and the rocking chair home.

After she dropped me off, I wondered, “What have I done?”  The chairs were a mess, paint was peeling off, and the wood had split in multiple places. They needed a lot of work. On top of that I didn’t even need them.  I was sure my husband wouldn’t be happy with cluttering up our house with these chairs.  For a brief minute, I considered putting them back out on our curb. I knew the garbage truck would come that afternoon and simply take them away.  Logic said, “Put them by the curb” but my heart said, “Hold on to them and you will understand.”

A couple days later, while browsing the clearance section at Walmart, a can of red spray paint caught my eye.   On impulse, I bought the spray paint and started sanding, caulking and painting them.  After three more cans of spray paint and a can of varnish, the chairs were presentable.  For whom and why, I didn’t know but I kept going.  Steadily working and refinishing. Renewing and refreshing. 

About a week later, a friend posted a request on Facebook for home supplies for a missionary family who was coming back home for a four month break after two years in India.  They had sold everything before they left the States.  A home had been offered for them but it needed to be completely furnished for their family of six.  On the list of needed items were rocking chairs! I finally understood my impulse to pick up the chairs.

When I dropped them off at their new house, it all made sense. The red chairs perfectly matched their red door! I love how God is into the details and nothing is too small for him if we are willing to be a little embarrassed and not always understand why we are doing something.

Have you had a situation where you felt an impulse or urge that didn’t make sense but in the end turned out to be God leading and directing you?

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