Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Years Resolution

Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial 1 Corinthians 10:23

I've been thinking about how we live out our faith through our words, actions, thoughts, relationships and even our diet. What if walking by faith meant that you asked Jesus how to live in every part of your life.  As a little girl I memorized a scripture, "Behold I stand at the door and knock, if anyone answers the door I will come in and eat with him and he with me." Revelation 3:20 

When I was younger, I understood that this scripture meant Jesus wanted to have a relationship with me and all I had to do was let him in.  It is a beautiful picture and illustrates the truth that Christianity is unique among world religions in that God pursues a relationship with us rather than mankind having to pursue a relationship with God. 

As I have gotten older, I realized that this picture of letting Jesus into my heart and life is kind of like when my friends come over. When they visit I am fine with them seeing my living room and "formal areas" but quite honestly I make a point of closing the laundry room door if I have company. Dirty laundry, clean laundry, cleaning supplies, items to return  and jackets all clutter up a small disorganized room that I don't want anyone seeing. 

Just like my laundry room, there are parts of our lives that we don't want Jesus to see.  I have a lot of friends who love Jesus but have decided to let their faith influence only one or two parts of their lives. We'd rather shut the door and make sure he stayed in the formal areas like church on Sunday or maybe at the kitchen table when we say a blessing. But we don't want him in our kitchen because God doesn't care about what we eat, right?  We don't want him in our bedroom 'cause His definition of marriage is old fashioned. We don't want him looking at our Netflix recently watched or browsing history. We don't want him in our closets or looking at our checkbook because we worked hard for our money.  

I have learned that when I shut the door on letting Jesus into any part of my life I am missing out on the blessings He has for me.  I have a good friend who has her own home organizing business. Imagine if I invited her over to organize the neatest room in my house.  She could definitely help me but I am missing the benefit of her perspective if I won't let her help me with my messy areas.  

We need to invite Jesus into the messy areas. Ask for His help and wisdom in the places you struggle.  Seek Him. Study His Word. There are hundreds of scriptures on food and relationships and thousands of verses on money.   He gave us our minds and bodies to bless others and to worship him. If you seek Him and ask, He will reveal your unique purpose and how He wants you to fulfill it.   I hesitated to do this because I was afraid that he would ask me to give up something that I really loved.  The truth is I have.  I have given up big things and small things. My former love affair with ice cream is proof of a small but life changing thing I have given up.  If God calls you to give something up, ask Him to replace it. He will.  Don't stay in the land of fear and grief.  He has given me greater blessings than anything I have given up. 

If God created you... He knows what is best for you.  He has a plan for your life that requires His participation in every part.  

As I am beginning this year,  I have been challenged to seek God's perspective on what I eat, how I exercise, how I spend my time and money, what I fill my mind with and who I spend time with. 

Are you tired living in the mess?  Is there a room in your heart that you haven't invited Jesus into?  He is patiently waiting.  This is the year to invite him in. Don't forget to ask him to fill the empty spaces, He will and give you more than you could ask or imagine.  He has health, healing, strength and purity waiting. Let me know how it goes.  

I am off to do some laundry. 

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